BLACKPINK: How You Like That (The Tonight Show: At Home Edition)

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BLACKPINK comes together for a debut performance of "How You Like That" for another Tonight Show: At Home Edition.
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BLACKPINK: How You Like That (The Tonight Show: At Home Edition)
Runtime: 03:22


Tushar Dhingra
Tushar Dhingra - 11 timer siden
Gaming partners ..
Are u there ..
Catch us here ..
That's all for you. 💓💓👍
Trisha Bastine
Trisha Bastine - 11 timer siden
I guess I'm just not super impressed? Idk...not for me, but get it girls!!! Always rooting for anyone putting themselves out there, so for that I applaud you!! Kudos!
Broken Hotdog
Broken Hotdog - 12 timer siden
I am loving this choreography
Sunny Moon
Sunny Moon - 12 timer siden
Seijiwan Art
Seijiwan Art - 12 timer siden
black pink in addition to being good in song and performance, fashion appearance is no less interesting
Bhuyan konwar Dipika
Bhuyan konwar Dipika - 12 timer siden
Love you blackpink
Nanbookworm - 12 timer siden
Hunbok outfit, so good
Sungai Budi
Sungai Budi - 12 timer siden
Love you
Oak Leader
Oak Leader - 12 timer siden
I love this 💕
Fumi Taharu•1,982 years ago
The subtitles:

*Ah yes. I love to sing [Sings in korean]*
syamsuri sem
syamsuri sem - 12 timer siden
😍😍😍😍😍 Mantap
얘스와 - 12 timer siden
Okay,LISA are you crazy??
Haruto_ Inyourarea
Haruto_ Inyourarea - 12 timer siden
Jisoo's hanbok is my fav here. It looks cute
Random Army
Random Army - 12 timer siden
I'm dying for the cropped Hanbok look, its so pretty
himal Oli
himal Oli - 12 timer siden
How many international fans are there?
Cik Pearl
Cik Pearl - 12 timer siden
Omg hanbok so pretty 💕💕💕
Yuli Rahayu
Yuli Rahayu - 12 timer siden
Kitty Cat
Kitty Cat - 12 timer siden
Their overall style was how I imagined KPOP was years ago😂
wal wal
wal wal - 12 timer siden
Nakul Bisht
Nakul Bisht - 12 timer siden
I am here to talk about how their outfits are inspired by korean hanboks, so some people could shut up.
derKleineGnom - 12 timer siden
Lyrics: "your girl need it all now that's a hundred"
Subtitles: "[rapping in korean]"
Blood, Sweat & Tears
Blood, Sweat & Tears - 12 timer siden
No offence.. But i don't know why I fell really satisfied that lisa glow more than jennie in this outfit..
But i love jennie too😅😅
• l M o o n L e t t e l •
Jennie could literally kill me with her hair
Teddy Sejati
Teddy Sejati - 12 timer siden
The power of blackpink. its been trending number 3 for 6 days . .
Yengkhom Shyamchand
Yengkhom Shyamchand - 12 timer siden
Black pink new song so nc song😍😍😍🙀👌👌👌
Minal Shakkir
Minal Shakkir - 13 timer siden
møøņ strůck
møøņ strůck - 13 timer siden
Whats the use of translatioon if it says [sings in korean] srsly dude
Hailey Lopez
Hailey Lopez - 13 timer siden
Bro i really like their new stylist..
And that's a FACT👌
Brandon Michaels
Brandon Michaels - 13 timer siden
HurriShane00 - 13 timer siden
save everyone the trouble of scrolling through the comments.
75% is comments about the Subtitles "Sing in Korean" "Rap in Korean"
20% is talking about the outifts and some traditional "Korean Handboks" outfits.
5% in another language :)
Dhianara Siguenza
Dhianara Siguenza - 13 timer siden
Omg rooooose that hair
레쓰비 - 13 timer siden
이게 라이브라는게 더 대단하다!😍😍😍
Eni Yati
Eni Yati - 13 timer siden
Bina Marshiangbai
Bina Marshiangbai - 13 timer siden
Hey boy,kill this love,ddu ddu du,I'm doing my thing,n How you like that my fav so far this kind of kpop blackpink songs I never get bored playing 24hrs I mean for the rest of my life.
park jun hoe
park jun hoe - 13 timer siden
please its "you gonn like that" not "you dont like that"
indra jin
indra jin - 13 timer siden
Madi Syri
Madi Syri - 13 timer siden
Girls are slaying. They should’ve made some side slits on Lisa’s skirt. It looked like it was constricting her thigh movements. Plus, it didn’t look good when her skirt got stuck above her shorts.
HurriShane00 - 13 timer siden
never heard of them.
Not sure how I feel about this group.
Song isn't bad...but not great either
Girl in the Pink is cute though
pplareppl - 13 timer siden
This is the most arrogant translation
elizabeth !
elizabeth ! - 13 timer siden
is it just me or im in love with their outfits
Aliya Maske
Aliya Maske - 13 timer siden
How you like that
Call me Lilyy
Call me Lilyy - 13 timer siden
Loveee bp
Lil Gatti
Lil Gatti - 13 timer siden
Jisooooooo 😍
ᴡᴏʟғʏ ɢɪʀʟ
ᴡᴏʟғʏ ɢɪʀʟ - 13 timer siden
No one:

Literally no one:
not even aliens:

Captions: ''Singing in Korean''
Grace Magnaye
Grace Magnaye - 13 timer siden
omg its reallly ohh may god
black swan
black swan - 13 timer siden
Their outfits are so pretty
TOM IST - 13 timer siden
Annisa Azriel
Annisa Azriel - 13 timer siden
Naikin lagi yuk blinks
CHM - 13 timer siden
So cool
iwgl1981JMR - 13 timer siden
Yeah wow exciting. This isn’t even music anymore I don’t even know what you call it. At least they’re cute
CAZIE ATIENZA - 13 timer siden
I love that song
Sophiya Sharon
Sophiya Sharon - 14 timer siden
BLACKPINK Comeback once a year it's amazing performance at Jimmy Fallon LISA , ROSE', JENNIE ,JISSOO IS CUTEST PERFORMANCE
Aiman S
Aiman S - 14 timer siden
Lisa stage expression is undefeatable, shes a pro at looking cool and swag
Los Angels
Los Angels - 14 timer siden
I love this outfit!
Pungki Ahimsa
Pungki Ahimsa - 14 timer siden
When you're Blackpink you have epic stage, lights, camera, and production crew at home lol OH AND I MADE AN ACOUSTIC VERSION OF HYLT GO CHECK IT OUT IN MY CHANNEELL :D :D
수랴코망 - 14 timer siden
Yuki James
Yuki James - 14 timer siden
The song is still trash but they look pretty
Dessy Astuti
Dessy Astuti - 14 timer siden
Jennie 😍😍
Imah Official
Imah Official - 14 timer siden
Amanda Miller
Amanda Miller - 14 timer siden
That hoodie is legendary.
Deadmin - 14 timer siden
Luan Ka Vlogs
Luan Ka Vlogs - 14 timer siden
I from viet nam
Arham Syed
Arham Syed - 14 timer siden
27 M views . Know the power of blinks !!!
Đỗ Đỗ
Đỗ Đỗ - 14 timer siden
Love roseeeeee 🌹
Đỗ Đỗ
Đỗ Đỗ - 14 timer siden
Quy Dang
Quy Dang - 14 timer siden
Quy Dang
Quy Dang - 14 timer siden
Love you chucamon
Thiện Nguyễn 1972
Thiện Nguyễn 1972 - 14 timer siden
Hello Chào bạn 💝💜💙💙💜💝💛⚘⚘🌹🌹💐🌹🌹💜
Daffa Fauzan
Daffa Fauzan - 14 timer siden
Lipsync or not?
Ana Rose
Ana Rose - 14 timer siden
Backup vocals, but they’re singing live I believe.
エレナL. - 14 timer siden
Nc outfit!!
zizifilm - 14 timer siden
Hi yalls please check out my HYLT dance cover in my small YT channel ❤️❤️ thank youu
Lady Pool
Lady Pool - 14 timer siden
Favorite outfits 😍💓
YOUTUBE IS BLINK HOME - 15 timer siden
Please str3am HYLT MV ,we should broke world record today!! 200M
isabela serednicki
isabela serednicki - 15 timer siden
Not a blink but I think they should improve the quality of the video to make justice of what is being shown
Richel Qory
Richel Qory - 15 timer siden
D Cal
D Cal - 15 timer siden
Soooo more over-produced non-instrumental noise that the actual performers probably had no hand in writing? Amazing. 🙄
CICI MUSIC - 15 timer siden
amazing kpop girlgroup
stephanie - 15 timer siden
their outfits and hair 😍
Linh Nguyễn
Linh Nguyễn - 15 timer siden
Love jisoo
Hey Franked
Hey Franked - 15 timer siden
Si hablas español y te gusta BLACKPINK y el pop en general te invito a que hablemos de todo el bonito chisme de esta cultura, te va a gustar sean bienvenidxs!!
fans tvb
fans tvb - 15 timer siden
Rosé 's voice in here is so stable , also her voice is so unique, she is shinning in this comeback 🤗🤗